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* SOS.* SnipersOnlySnipers -=Reboot=- *

To Connect In game: /connect cod.sosniper.com

Please enjoy yourself and feel free to let us know if you have any questions or requests!

SOSniper.com / SOSniper.net
Admin @ SOSniper dot com

About Donations

All those wishing to donate to SOS can do so by PayPal. All donations are very much appreciated and will be directly put back into the gaming experience to better serve your needs. Adding new maps, increasing the number of player spots or sniping competitions with prizes to name a few will be done. Donations will not give added privileges.
You can access paypal by:
1. Selecting the paypal link on our web site for direct access. OR
2. Go to www.paypal.com
Please send all donations to thecleaner@sosniper.com
If you have been banned from our gaming servers there is NO REINSTATEMENT.

You have two options:
1. Click our paypal account and donate $5,000.00
2. Go spend $20.00 on a new game and this time protect your GUID by playing fairly and watching your language.

Donations are Welcome!
Thank you for the hours of fun.

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